Atsushi Muto
Designer / CEO at Aproite, Inc.
I established a company called "Aproite, Inc." at age 15, after experienced work in industries of design, event planning, and videography from 9 years old as a freelance. After that, I enrolled in "N High School" and worked as a designer for "Mercari, Inc.". From September 2016 to June 2018, studied abroad in a high school in the UK.
After came back from the UK, I joined "Mercari, Inc." again, as a lead designer of a project called "mertrip" from July to November 2018. I also enrolled in "Keio University" in September 2018. I joined "Money Forward, Inc." as a designer in December 2018. I worked on UI/UX design of PFM service, and I led the mission and vision design of the Home Company. From November 2019, I have moved to the CEO office, and I work on company-wide projects and design/engineering for the prototype of the new business. From 2019, I also take a lead of "Designship" which is the biggest design conference in Japan.